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Basic Selling Skills

In Pharma industry selling is a very crucial aspect. Selling is a very important attribute and aspect for evaluation. Selling motivate each and every time to do the best. lets us know various aspects and basic selling skills.

Before moving forward with the title, the basic selling skills let us understand some very important terms.

Customer- Customer is a person who is willing to buy some thing which may fulfill his need.

Product- Product is substance which is obtained naturally or can be manufactured by Artificial process which can satisfy one’s need.

Feature- The Physical appearance and use of a product and also explains what a product it is. Feature of a product also defines characteristics of a product.

Benefit- The advantage which can be provided by the given product is defined as Benefit of Product. in simple language what a product can do in a given condition.

U.S.P.- U.S.P. stands for Unique Selling Point, it is a unusual and unparalleled feature of a product which can make it unique among other product of same type.

So friends why people buy any product?
People buy any product to satisfy the pre assumed or pre convinced need.

Need- We can say that need is a Lack or deficiency of any thing which have be fulfilled any how to eliminate the deficiency.

Motive- Motive is a condition, a factor or a circumstances which may catalyze or motivate to satisfy one’s Need.

The Selling Procedure…

Selling any product to a doctor is a single work but its is a very long procedure, you will rarely be able to achieve instant success in a single call. Here is a reason why it is so….

  1. Prescription potential can only be obtained gradually.
  2. Prescription habit of a doctor is very hard to break. It may take a lot of time to shift from one product to other.
  3. Each visit of a medical representative bring closer to the sells objective. so. it is mandatory to make regular visit to attain sells objective.

Basic Selling Skills & Steps…

Step- 1. Prospecting
Step- 2. Pre-call Planing
Step-3. The Call
Step-4. Response/ Objection Handling.
Step-5. Close
Step-6. Post Call Analysis.

Prospecting- In this Step A Medical Representative Must have to study the Market, gather information about product segment, Know the Competitors and also the need of the Market. Find out the Most potential customer and segment them. Proper allocate time for customer and also maintain the call frequency. Prospecting is a continuous process never stop it.

Pre Call Planing- In this step a medical representative must have to set and define the objective of the call. in simply to think or plan what should be the result of this call. Plan the procedure of call and prepare the document which are necessary for the call. The Objective of the call should be in SMART way i.e. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Framed.

The Call- In a Sells call infront of Doctor First of all try to find out the need of the doctor. After Successful identification of need of the customer just highlight the Feature Advantage & Benefit of the product in a effective manner with the help of visual aid or other scientific material.

Response Handling- If the doctor is agree with the product benefit then its better to close the call.
If the Doctor is assuming that the benefit is not matching his need then try to uncover the need with a question.
If the Doctor is agree with the benefit but still have some doubt in his mind then you have to provide or offer the proof.

Objection Handling- Some times doctor oppose the product and many medical representative think that it is a problem as a result they become afraid of them. As a result there is a

Emotional Reaction- The Medical Representative feels attacked and as a result they loose temper and start doing verbal attack.
Resignation- They giveup and accept the resignation.
Avoidance- They ignore and don’t deal with the problem.

  • Objections are the reality and also provide a lot of information from the customers end. its also provides doctors opinion and feeling. Objections are due to lack of information or due to pre informed misleading facts. Let us Know how to handle objections…
  • Listen carefully
  • Acknowledge the Customer
  • Restate the objection
  • Answer
  • checking the question
  • Do the Commitment

Close- After solving the queries and objection you become able to satisfy the customer or doctor now you can ask for the prescription. Neither to close the call too Early or late. Also get commitment from the doctors end. look and watch the buying signals which are verbal commitment, or facial expressions. Close the call simply asking for the prescription.

Post call Analysis- In this stem you have to review yourself on different parameters like, call planing, Need identification and satisfaction of customer, objection handling and lastly plan for the next call.

Hope you enjoyed a good learning material Basic Selling Skills |Medical Representatives. Kindly leave your valuable comment.

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