Medical Representative common working terms

Medical Representative job is one of the most nobel proffession which is service society by making a bridge between Medical Professionals and Pharmaceutical Company. While working in field many new Medical Representative faces problems with the new terms. Keeping in mind that we are here with some common terms used by medical representatives during working.

Let us describe some common terms used by medical representative during working…

• DCA – Doctor Call Average, Every day we need to meet a specific number say 13 dr/day. (Average) of Dr. It’s an average of total number of Dr met in a month divided by the number of working days available.      So we should calculate or maintain the daily call average.

• CCA – Chemist Call average, every day we need to meet a specific number say 7 chemist/day (average). It’s an average of total number of chemist met in a month.

• MCR – Master Call Record.

• SC – Doctor (Super core)  – List of the Dr whom I have to meet twice / Thrice in a month.

• HQ working – The daily working we do in our HQ.say for e.g. working at Nagpur City.

• Ex – Station.  If a Medical Representative visit to a particular town ,which is 30 km (for e.g) away from my HQ. I will work there and come back by evening.

• Out Station – When a MR visit to a particular station, stay there overnight and then come back next day.

• YPM – Yield per man per Month. It’s the individual productivity of the BO.

• Percentage Performance – The rupee value achievement  of your territory vs your target.

• Growth – The rupee value or in units growth vs last month same year or corresponding month last year. 

I hope that these terms may help you for your day to day activity and work, if something is missing here you can feel free to ask us on 

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