50 Qualities of a Good Medical Representative

50 Qualities of a Good Medical Representative

A Medical Representative job is too much challenging. They represent the total company in a given territory or specified area. They have to work hard from morning to mid night at different hospitals, clinics, doctor’s chambers , pharmacies etc. They have to meet with different types of people doctors, nurses, pharmacy owners, clinic’s managers and even sometimes with general people. They have to achieve their target by generating prescriptions. Here Pharma Traino Providing 50 Qualities of a Good Medical Representative.

They need to earn knowledge regarding human body and microbiology. They need to be master in product knowledge, selling skills, communication skills, problem-solving skills and time management to become a good Medical Representative.

1. Ability to take challenge
2. Be willing to work hard
3. Should be well groomed
4. Should be polite and gentle
5. Should be dedicated and determined

6. Good knowledge regarding human body and Microbiology
7. Should have sound product knowledge
8. Ability to generate prescriptions
9. Ability to achieve sales target
10. Should be self-confident

11. Should have patience
12. Should be expert in selling skills
13. Should have Problem solving skills
14. Should know how to handle objections
15. Should have good interpersonal skill

16. Should have good communications skill
17. Preferably Science background
18. Willingness to meet with different types of people
19. Ability to handle different types of customers
20. Should be able to handle adverse situation

21. Ability to work under pressure
22.Ability to select right product for right customers
23.Ability to give right information to the right doctors
24.Should be able to Pursue customers
25. Should be well accepted by customers

26. Should be Punctual
27. Should be able to read customer’s mind
28. Ability to extensive travel
29. Disciplined
30. Good listening skill

31. Ability to learn quickly
32. Should be good at English
33. Should have analytical skills
34. Should have good detailing ability
35. Ability to buildup Relationship with customers

36. Judicious utilization of promo materials
37. Ability to follow management instruction
38. Well mannered
39. Creative in problem solving
40.Should posses positive attitude

41. Should be loyal to management
42. Ability to explore Opportunities
43. Self motivated
44.Ability to work independently
45. Knowledge regarding time management

46.Ability to organize scientific seminar
47. Ability to make effective sales presentation
48.Ability to make effective tour plan
49.Ability to handle competitors propaganda
50. Ability to stick with assignment until the job is

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Author : Pankaj Pathak

Sales Officer, Motivator, Trainer

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