Role & Responsibilities of MEDICAL REPRESENTATIVE

Medical Representative detailing to Doctor
Detailing By : Medical Representative

In many Medical Representative job interview one Question is very common. What is the Role & Responsibilities of a Medical Representative? This question is generally asked to the freshers. But, a fresher graduate is not updated with working style of Medical Representative.

He only aware that the role of an MR is to visit doctor & detail products. Most of fresher graduate only answer this because of lack of information. For that today Pharma Traino brings you the exact answer for the above question.

Medical Representative job is a Nobel profession. This profession is based on professional grooming. And using good communication skill. Interpersonal skills also plays a crucial role in success of Medical Representative. A medical representative plays a lot of roles. And also takes a no. of responsibilities while working in the field.

Here is the key role & responsibilities of a medical representative.

Pharmaceutical Product Promotion: One of the Most important role of a medical representative is, to promote the product assigned by the company. This promotion is done either the Doctor or the chemist. They also discuss the feature, advantage, benefits. Medical Representatives also highlights clinical usages, dosages, side effects and USPs.

Representation of Company: A medical representatives work as a connecting link between pharmaceutical company and healthcare professionals. They plays a very vital role in establishing company’s image and trust in the market.

Collecting Market feedback about Products: A Medical Representative collects essential data about product performance and acceptance in the market. And also hand over this data to the company so that future product promotion plans and strategies can be developed.

“Winning doctors trust and faith over product results to prescription.

These are the key role & responsibilities of a medical representative. For more clarity and video lectures kindly visit our youtube channel Pharma Traino.

50 Good Qualities of a Medical Representative

Author : Pankaj Pathak

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