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Basic Selling Skills |Medical Representatives |MR

In Pharma industry selling is a very crucial aspect. Selling is a very important attribute and aspect for evaluation. Selling motivate each and every time to do the best. lets us know various aspects and basic selling skills. Before moving forward with the title, the basic selling skills let usRead More

Role & Responsibilities of MEDICAL REPRESENTATIVE

In many Medical Representative job interview one Question is very common. What is the Role & Responsibilities of a Medical Representative? This question is generally asked to the freshers. But, a fresher graduate is not updated with working style of Medical Representative. He only aware that the role of anRead More

50 Qualities of a Good Medical Representative

A Medical Representative job is too much challenging. They represent the total company in a given territory or specified area. They have to work hard from morning to mid night at different hospitals, clinics, doctor’s chambers , pharmacies etc. They have to meet with different types of people doctors, nurses,Read More

Medical Representative common working terms

Medical Representative job is one of the most nobel proffession which is service society by making a bridge between Medical Professionals and Pharmaceutical Company. While working in field many new Medical Representative faces problems with the new terms. Keeping in mind that we are here with some common terms usedRead More